What we are dreaming of ?

Our dream is to become GOAVANA which means giant. It’s to achieve this goal that we work together. As the saying goes: “alone we go fast, but together we go far” The desire to be an elite IT agency on the Malagasy territory and to be part of the best agencies around the world in terms of offering IT solutions encourages us to work hard. We would like the world to know that young Malagasy are able to achieve great things by proving to them that a Malagasy company founded and trained by Malagasy is able to be the leader. We don’t limit our dreams to this great success. We would like to make every Malagasy proud and give them the motivation to make their dreams reality. All team members share positive vibrations and then transmit this around them, then to all the Malagasy. Any pain deserves a salary and every team member is paid according to his or her merit.

Why now ?

We only live in the present and nobody knows about tomorrow. The best opportunity is now. We are motivated as ever and unstoppable. Together we will become bigger and better. Biran Tracy said: “If you wanna change your future, take action and take action now”.
Our goal is: “Tsy maintsy GOAVANA indrindra”