Date : January 13, 2022

With his creative spirit, Alfinace completes the AKATA GOAVANA team. He chose ENI for his studies in computer science in order to understand the digital world from all sides. For him, programming is a masterpiece and his greatest pride is to have done something useful for others. Alfinace feels quite comfortable with web development and his favorite programming language is JavaScript because it is standard. On the other hand, he wants to develop his AI skills, and that is his next goal.

Since he works in the ever-changing world of web development, it is important to be on the lookout for new developments. To do so, he regularly visits the following sites: 3WSchools, MDN, Symfony, Angular and CodeAcademy. His idol in the world of technology is Honore Hounwanou. He works at AKATA GOAVANA because it is a young team with motivating members. It’s not only IT and technology, it’s also a family where members support each other.