Date : November 29, 2020

In love and passionate about coding, Manase decided to study at ENI. He loves development because of its great diversity. The reason why he loves programming is that its practice allows him to develop several major qualities: tenacity, taste for intellectual challenge, curiosity and logic. This is why he is comfortable with back end development. His favorite programming language is Python because it is versatile and open source. It is also a flexible and dynamic language. In addition, he also wants to develop his skills in the field of AI. To do so, he usually visits sites like Stack Overflow and GitHub.

His idol in the world of computing and technology is none other than himself. Indeed, he is convinced that he can achieve something great. He has been working at AKATA GOAVANA since its creation because it is a fast growing IT agency and it is always good to grow together. Manase can relate to the slogan “Mpirahalahy mian’ala”. Moreover, he is one of the founders. But it is not only that because here he lives a great adventure in a pleasant atmosphere.