AKATA GOAVANA’s birthday party at Lac Hotel Sahambavy
Date : September 16, 2021

11/09/2020 – 11/09/2021, happy birthday AKATA GOAVANA! After working hard for a year, we are on our first anniversary. Last Saturday, the whole team left to recharge the batteries in a quiet corner in Sahambavy.
We chose to spend this day doing activities uncommon to computers and our daily rhythm. As we love adventure, we decided to take a bike ride to Sahambavy. The departure was at 7 am from AKATA Isaha Fianarantsoa head office, and we had breakfast in Ambalakely around 8am. It was a mixture of “gasy gasy” dishes: mofo gasy, mena kely, tea, milk and coffee. To capture the moment, we took some pictures.
Once we arrived in Sahambavy at 9:30 am, we took a little snack because pedaling wasn’t easy. We stayed on the gasy theme and enjoyed eating the “balamboay” which is a typical Betsileo bread. Feeling revitalized, we visited a few places on site before going to Lake Hotel Sahambavy.
It’s 12:00 pm and here we are, but before eating, we should do some fun activities, right? We did a lot of things: motorboat, pedalo, ping pong, babyfoot, card games without forgetting the photo shoot… Then, at 1 pm, it’s lunchtime. The dishes were specially chosen to honor this moment: turkey pork and fish. It was really delicious because the dishes were prepared by competent chefs. We would like to thank the “Lac Hotel Sahambavy” for its hospitality even if the rice wasn’t enough.
The day was almost over, we returned to Fianarantsoa around 4pm. But this is not the end of our adventure. We arrived in Fianarantsoa around 6 pm and took a little break at “La Gastronomie Pizza”. It was a moment of sharing over a drink and pizza. Then, everyone went home around 7pm. It was a day of celebration, fun and relaxation.
We would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of this day:
✅PTM – Photographer & Videographer
✅C15 Laykal
✅Mpivarotra mofo Ambalakely
✅Mpivarotra popoka Sahambavy
✅Mpivarotra balamboay Sahambavy
✅Lac Hotel Sahambavy
✅La Gastronomie Pizza Fianarantsoa
✅ATV owner (Ndrasana Sahambavy, Rija Talatamaty, Tina Talatamaty, Kimmerling Ampitakely, Tahina PTM)
And you, how did you celebrate the first anniversary of your company?