Salon de l’informatique Édition
Date : March 11, 2022

During 11 March in the morning, the Salon de l’informatique Edition 1 was held at ENI Tanambao Fianarantsoa which was organized by AEENI.

  • RAMIANDRISOA Andriamandranto Patrick (Bodge) went live with students to share the mindset to have whether they make life decisions because of these new students to decide the path they will follow with their continuing education.
  • He also answered the students’ question what could be the benefit of following the software and database engineering, the academic background he followed? What are the benefits of studying in ENI(École Nationale d’Informatique) and not in other places?
  • The students were encouraged to achieve the projects given by the teachers and do more.
  • He also reminds everyone that, they are responsible for their own decision so that is why we should not rely on others but take others’ opinions as a suggestion.
  • Don’t wait for others to answer your question. You have to research.