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It all started in September 2020. We were a team of four people, and we met around a table at one of our houses. We started with the task’s distribution and GOAVANA’s logo design. Days went by, and we made calls with meetings from time to time.


Over time, all work deserves to be rewarded, and we got our first client. . Very eager to start and give satisfactory work, we immediately worked on his project after analyzing the specs. Afterward, we decided that it was time to find a name for our company. We ended up agreeing on the name “AKATA”. The next step was to create a logo, which took us a month to find the right one. 

At that time, we didn’t have a workplace yet. As our CEO already had internet access at his home, we started working at this place around a table for four people. We did everything on this table: eating, working, and meeting for organization. The room was not big, but we made do with it.

Then an account joined the team. Time passed, and the team grew up day by day with a developer, a designer, and then several developers. From this moment we decided that it was better to find a bigger room for the team. Currently, we work in a larger room that can hold up to two dozen developers. In August 2021, a writer and a CEO assistant joined us.