Date : January 17, 2022

It is a platform specialized in renting luxury items such as cars, yachts and houses. It connects individuals while allowing professionals to rent their assets. The client who asked us to develop Luxrenting is satisfied with the rendering. Our team is quite able to develop a platform of this scale.

ZOZORO Online renting platform
Date :

Zozoro is a hardware rental platform created in 2021. It connects renters and owners. Its mode of operation is simple because everything is done online from booking to payment. No worry, we have set up a security system to avoid possible scams. From now on, you only need to contact one person for all your needs.

Users enjoy many benefits by using Zozoro:

  • The interface is easing to use
  • The site is totally secure, no possibility of scamming on all transactions (payment, contract, etc)
  • You save your time
  • A customer service to guide and accompany you before, during and after the rental is at your disposal

Date :

Hublive is a virtual office project requested by one of our customers that has several features:

  • Create a virtual office
  • Create meeting zone
  • Organize virtual events and online webinars
  • Organize a conference

The most important things about Hublive are that it focuses on the user experience. With technological advancements, digitalization is gradually taking place in everyone’s daily life. Even though it is a virtual project, a high level of user experience has not been overlooked. The goal is to make users live reality beyond the virtual.

Hublive offers many advantages:

  • It’s possible to work and play at the same time wherever you are
  • The feeling is real even if it is a virtual office
  • It suggests various features such as online meetings like on zoom or Google Meet
  • Everything is done remotely
  • Live a real experience in an environment with a closed door, chair, computer, projector,…
  • The atmospheres are diverse according to the user’s setting who owns the space: sounds, images, news, announcements …
  • You can access it online from anywhere

AKATA Website version 1
Date : February 13, 2021

We put here as well our website, our first online project. It’s not a perfect project, but we show it to you so, you can take a look at our growth according to time.